Kevin and Sam Sorbo

Actor, God’s Not Dead;  Actress, Director, Producer, and Syndicated Talk Show host, The Sam Sorbo Show. Both, Actor, Director and Producer, Let there be Light,

Neil speaks so powerfully. No one can leave Neil’s presentation still passive about their involvement in politics. His story of growing up in Yemen and his focus on the horrible practices that ended because of Christianity (through Christian laws), gives his audience a firm understanding of the value of the Judeo-Christian founding of our exceptional nation. His book is the perfect tool for explaining this, and influencing the 40 million non-voting Christians to engage the political discourse, whether through small groups or singularly. Let Neil’s message ring at every conference and service so the audiences may be emboldened to preserve our great country and its incredible heritage.

Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

Neil Mammen demolishes the myth that Jesus was not engaged in the politics of his day, and in the process sets the church of today free to carry out its proper role in shaping public policy decisions. When the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage and public standards of morality are at stake, the church cannot remain silent. This book is a primer for Christians who want to fulfill the calling of Christ to be salt and light in the culture of our day.

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

Neil Mammen has produced a valuable resource for every pastor – indeed, for every Christian – in America with this book! He combines a strong grasp of Scripture, of Christian apologetics, of politics, of the “culture wars,” and of simple logic to produce a unique handbook that will educate, inspire, and equip. The next time you encounter someone who spouts simplistic statements like, “You can’t legislate morality,” refer them to this book.

Dr. Frank Turek, Cross Examined. Author, I don’t have enough Faith to be an Atheist

Hey Christian Citizen– Wake up! Politics affects your religious liberties! In this great book, Neil explains what you can do to preserve your freedoms and save your country.

Brad Dacus, President, Pacific Justice Institute

This book challenges the wide-spread complacency facing much of America’s churches today. A must read for those unsure of the role Christians should play in government.

Rev. Walter Hoye,  Founder, Issues4life

This book is a biblically bold, uncompromising and timely treatise that offers more than suggestions, exhortations, commendations and testimonials.

This divinely inspired message offers a strategy that cannot fail.

Phil Fernandes,  Pastor, Trinity Bible Fellowship; President, Institute of Biblical Defense

Neil Mammen, a first-rate Christian apologist, argues persuasively in this important and timely book that Jesus should be Lord over every aspect of our lives, including our political views and actions. Neil refutes popular myths such as: “America is a democracy…,” “Jesus would support big-government socialism,” and “Christians should focus on heavenly things; we have no political responsibilities.” At a time when our country needs us the most, we must stand up for truth and righteousness in the political arena. Forsaking God’s moral laws will destroy our culture. If the Church does not take a stand for God’s righteousness, who will? This book is a must read for those who want to see America once again blessed by God.

Kevin McGary, President, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California

Author, Instanity! and Lifestyle of the Rich in Kingdom

Thank God for Neil Mammen! With the purposeful undermining of religion in America today, this book is a timely and dutiful reminder of God’s truth and his desire for His people to fully participate in His handiwork….the establishment and perpetuation of this great nation through government and politics! This book is a powerful reminder that NOW is the time to activate, motivate, and propel the Church body into active participation in government and politics!


David Underwood, Senior Pastor, Liberty Ridge Church, Kent WA

Neil’s messages not only reflect professional and Scriptural integrity, but his sense of humor adds the well rounded touch that keeps our congregation anticipating his next visit or series.


Chuck Aruta, Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Church, Los Banos, CA

Neil has a gift that spans all age groups. This is because I can name none that exceed Neil’s preparedness when he takes the pulpit. Neil has sound Doctrine and Theology. His style is relevant yet it remains biblically sound. You can expect dynamic visuals and creatively enhanced teaching that pulls each hearer in!


Adam Miller, Senior Pastor, Ceres Community Church, Ceres, CA

Neil is both dynamic and exciting to listen to. He is able to captivate an audience of any age from Jr. High to adults! Neil has a unique ability to take deep and sometimes complicated spiritual truths and communicates them in a relevant way. He speaks both to the mind and the heart. Not only can I speak to his ability as a speaker, I can also speak of his character (and his love of gadgets). Neil lives his life with integrity and his love for God is evident. He is generous, hospitable and faithful, both in his relationships with people as well as with God.


Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor, Hillside Covenant Church, Walnut Creek, CA

I love Neil’s passion to communicate truths that matter. Whether he is speaking of the rationality of the Christian worldview, or the mandate for Christians to engage culture with a broad and winsome presence in all fields and vocations, whether speaking to students or adults, his thought is clear, his presentation entertaining and compelling, and his authentic and whole-hearted commitment obvious to all who interact with his prophetic message.


Galen Call, Senior Pastor,  Los Gatos Christian Church/Venture Christian Church, Los Gatos, CA

Neil is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and an enthusiastic, gifted communicator. He is a wide reader and a keen discerner of culture. He knows the contemporary, as well as the historic challenges to the Truth of God’s revelation found in the written word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ. He knows how to expose the lie and to expound God’s Truth in a convincing, winsome way. Neil is articulate and courageous in presenting his convictions and he helps others to follow his example. I recommend him as a speaker for church services, seminars, and retreats.