Multiple interviews with Bryan Fischer on Focal Point - American Family Radio
Jesus Is Involved In Politics: Fast forward to the 28 minute mark
Multiple Interviews with  Frank Pastore  on KKLA
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Abortion & the Law
(note that should have been
“bring a Pro-Choicer to
debate you”)
Sharia Law in America?
Segment starts at the
18:30 min mark

Here are just some of the over 40 radio shows that we’ve done all over the United States:
“I don’t know what it is Neil, but there’s something magical 
about you, you make the phones ring.”
John Watson, Liberal Talkshow Host WILM
The Norm Jones Show
Poverty Levels in the US
Carl Gallups Show
1330 WEBY AM
Jesse Jackson &
if Jesus was a Socialist
Tom Tancredo Show KVOR 3-24-11.mp3
With Rick and Rich Bott
The Complete Story