Interview with Frank Turek on Multiple interviews with Bryan Fischer on Focal Point - American Family Radio Jesus Is Involved In Politics: Fast forward to the 28 minute mark Multiple Interviews with  Frank Pastore  on KKLA Shows only available to Pastore Premium Members Can we Legislate Morality? Abortion & the Law (note that should have been  “bring a Pro-Choicer to  debate you”) Sharia Law in America? Segment starts at the  18:30 min mark Here are just some of the over 40 radio shows that we’ve done all over the United States: “I don’t know what it is Neil, but there’s something magical  about you, you make the phones ring.” John Watson, Liberal Talkshow Host WILM TomTancredoShowKVOR3-24-11.mp3 Jesse Jackson &  if Jesus was a Socialist Tom Tancredo Show KVOR 3-24-11.mp3