Sam and Kevin Sorbo
Actors, “God’s Not Dead,” “What If,” “Hercules,” “Just Let Go,” “Hope Bridge”.
"Neil speaks so powerfully. No one can leave Neil’s presentation still passive about their involvement in politics. His story of growing up in Yemen and his focus on the horrible practices that ended because of Christianity (through Christian laws), gives his audience a firm understanding of the value of the Judeo-Christian founding of our exceptional nation. His book is the perfect tool for explaining this, and influencing the 40 million non-voting Christians to engage the political discourse, whether through small groups or singularly. Let Neil’s message ring at every conference and service so the audiences may be emboldened to preserve our great country and its incredible heritage."

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council
Neil Mammen has produced a valuable resource for every pastor - indeed, for every Christian - in America with this book! He combines a strong grasp of Scripture, of Christian apologetics, of politics, of the “culture wars,” and of simple logic to produce a unique handbook that will educate, inspire, and equip. The next time you encounter someone who spouts simplistic statements like, “You can’t legislate morality,” refer them to this book.

Dr. Frank Turek
Cross Examined (Author of I don’t have enough Faith to be an Atheist, Legislating Morality and Correct, not Politically Correct):
Hey Christian Citizen-- Wake up!  Politics affects your religious liberties!  In this great book, Neil explains what you can do to preserve your freedoms and save your country.

Brad Dacus
President, Pacific Justice Institute
This book challenges the wide-spread complacency facing much of America's churches today.  A must read for those unsure of the role Christians should play in government.   

Rev. Walter Hoye
Issues4life, (un-constitutionally imprisoned for standing up for his constitutional rights)
This book is a biblically bold, uncompromising and timely treatise that offers more than suggestions, exhortations, commendations and testimonials.  This divinely inspired message offers a strategy that cannot fail.

Rev. Charlie Self
Neil Mammen’s book is not for the faint-hearted or anyone afflicted with “PC disease.” He confronts issues directly, offers serious reflection of diverse points of view and then forces us to act.

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